Egg Donor Program in Voorhees, NJ

Using an Egg donor is a decision that requires careful consideration. One out of every seven couples experience problems with infertility, but through third party reproduction their dreams of having a child can still become a reality.

Our egg donor program is specially designed to match their family with a suitable donor. All of our donors must go through a rigorous screening process before they are permitted to be a donor. By the time they’ve completed the screening process you can rest assured that she is medically and emotionally up to the task of meeting the demands of egg donation.

Know The Process Before Using an Egg Donor

The Screening Process

We take every necessary precaution and subject our potential donors to rigorous testing to ensure that they are suitable candidates once you choose your potential donor. Only women who are in a certain age range and in excellent health can qualify to be an egg donor.

Potential donors must submit to blood testing, and the donor must also surrender to a drug screening, and psychological testing, complete a pap test, and come in for regular office visits before and during the egg retrieval process.

Costs of Using an Egg Donor

 Below is a list of fees associated with the costs of using a donor. Actual costs may vary.

Agency Fee

$6,000 (local donor); $6,500 (non-local donor)

This amount will be paid at the selection of your egg donor and signing of the Agency agreement.

Legal Fees

$1,000 – $1,750

$1,000 to $1,250 to be paid to A Woman’s Gift for disbursement to specific attorney(s) prior to drafting of the legal contract. $250 – $500 to be paid to A Woman’s Gift for disbursement to the donor’s attorney of choice prior to working with counsel (if applicable).

Egg Donor/Recipient Short-term Insurance

$297 (donor only) or $350 (donor and recipient).

Donor / Recipient mandatory complications policy Coverage purchased for the egg donor / recipient cycle.

Egg Donor Compensation
$6,000 – $8,500
  • First time donor – $6,000
  • Second time donor – $7,000
  • Third time donor – $8,000
  • 4th time and higher donor – $8,500
Psychological Screening
$400 – $600
  • Evaluation performed by Licensed Psychologist
  • Donor evaluation including MMPI or PAI (dependent on your IVF clinic requirement)
  • Recipient evaluation (dependent on your IVF clinic requirement)
Medical Screening

$2,000 – $3,000

Actual cost will depend on your IVF medical facility.

Donor Medication

$4,000 – $6,000

Actual cost will depend on the IVF medical facility.



$400 – $1,200

Hotel is an expense when using a non-local donor. The cost is dependent on days required for donor to be in attendance by your IVF clinic. Usually 4-8 days.

Customary Cost: $100 – $150/day.


$300 – $600 per person

Air travel is a necessary expense when using a non-local donor. Cost is an estimate of airfare at the time of travel; most IVF clinics mandate that the donor have a companion travel with her to help on the evening of HCG and with her travel to and from the IVF clinic on the day of the IVF procedure due to receiving sedation.

Daily per diem allowance for Donor


There is also a per diem allowance for the donor’s companion as applicable at $50/day. This does not include transportation to / from the airport or rental car fees, if applicable. Some cities with higher cost of living may elect a higher daily per diem rate.

Legal Considerations

We closely guard all personal and private information related to our egg donation program and its participants. No participant information is shared with third parties without participant knowledge and express consent. Your privacy and that of our donors is among our highest concerns.

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