Medical Requirements for Gestational Carriers

There are very specific medical requirements for gestational carriers, because gestational surrogacy is a medical procedure. There are certain baseline criteria that must be met in order to qualify as a participant in our gestational carrier program. The qualifications of the successful gestational carrier candidate include (but may not be limited to):
• Good general health
• Age 21 to 38
• Willingness to participate with complete informed consent
• Absence of any active sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, substance abuse, significant medication use, and prior chemotherapy or radiation therapy
• Demonstrated past fertility, including obstetrical history free from any medical (physical or psychiatric) complications and successful full-term pregnancies and deliveries.
• No preterm deliveries prior to 35 weeks for singleton pregnancies and 32 weeks for twins or higher order multiple pregnancies 

• Necessary emotional stability to withstand the normal stress of pregnancy compounded by the complications presented by a relationship with the intended parent(s) and the inevitable separation and surrender of the baby at birth.
• Capacity to understand fully and comply with the contractual agreement with the intended parent(s).

• Non-smoker for a minimum of 2-4 months prior to applying to the program and willing to commit contractually to continued abstinence from smoking.

Medical Requirements for Gestational Carriers - AWD Baby

A lifestyle conducive to healthy pregnancy and absent of any behavior potentially compromising to the normal growth and development of the fetus, including no exposure to hazardous substances, no use of illegal drugs, nicotine, or certain prescription medications, and abstention from any exercise routines that might place a pregnancy at risk.

Inability to meet any of these criteria may disqualify the candidate from consideration for our gestational carrier program. In addition, unwillingness of either the carrier or the intended parent(s) to abide by the requirements of our program (including those defined in the contract between the carrier and the intended parents and between the carrier and the program) during any phase of application, treatment or pregnancy will result in immediate termination of any affiliation with A Woman’s Gift’s gestational carrier program.

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