Gestational Carrier Program in Voorhees, NJ

Using a gestational carrier is a way to achieve your goal of having a child. A gestational carrier is a woman who carries a pregnancy for another woman. This alternative is available to parents who are unable to bear their own children. The gestational carrier does not provide any genetic contribution (ovum) to the pregnancy. Either donor eggs or intended mother’s eggs will be utilized via the in vitro fertilization process. The resulting embryos created from their egg or donor egg and sperm are transferred, and hopefully will implant, in the uterus of the carrier. The fetus then develops inside the carrier until she gives birth, and then the baby is legally discharged from the hospital to the care of their parent(s).

Know The Process Before Using a Gestational Carrier

Gestational Carrier Program Screening & Matching Process

(1) Applicants are reviewed based on the criteria set forth by A Woman’s Gift; upon acceptance as a candidate, the gestational carrier becomes available for selection by intended parent(s).

(2) Intended parent(s) may bring additional requirements or preferences to the choice of carrier; selection, however, is a mutual matching process in which both the carrier and parent(s) choose each other; the carrier retains the option to reject intended parent(s) for any reason and actual medical treatment does not begin until the carrier formally notifies A Woman’s Gift that she is ready to proceed.

(3) After a mutually satisfactory selection has been made, initial medical evaluation includes both physical and psychological screenings (these may be performed simultaneously or at separate times at intended parent(s)’ request).

• Evaluation of the carrier’s uterus, including cervical cultures and a pap test (which must be updated annually).

• Blood work to screen for infectious disease, including HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis and other assorted blood work relevant to the gestational carrier medical protocol (performed in conjunction with testing for infectious disease).

(4) Legal contracts are signed and the next phase of the process begins on a timeline convenient for both the carrier and the intended parent(s) and as outlined by the medical facility chosen by the intended parent(s) medical facility.

Costs of Using a Gestational Carrier

Below is a list of fees associated in the costs of using an egg donor. Actual costs may vary.

In Person Consultation Fee

$250 – This fee is paid when Intended Parent(s) request a meeting via ZOOM with the clinical director regarding the process of selection and matching with a potential Gestational Carrier. This consultation is usually two to three hours and presently only available via ZOOM due to COVID-19 restrictions. In the alternative, a one-time phone consultation is available at no cost and would be limited to 45 minutes. This does not include inquiries on particular candidates on our website as there is no cost for those services.

Retainer Fee

$3,500 – This fee is paid when Intended Parent(s) decide to work with Agency in finding a Gestational Carrier and is applied to the Agency Fee. Retention of our services is not necessary to work with our Agency but may be helpful, dependent on your specific situation. The retainer fee is applied to the full Agency fee when Gestational Carrier is located. For any consultation/meeting in person, there is a $250 fee in addition to the agency fee.

Agency Fee:

$17,500 – Outline of services provided for this fee is provided in a separate agreement between agency and parents regarding Gestational Carrier agreement. Agency involvement continues for all aspects of the recruitment, pre-testing, IVF cycle management, and Pregnancy until six to eight weeks after the child is delivered (longer if necessary). Many times we have been involved with surrogacy arrangements for six months post-delivery. The Agency fee is paid in two or three installments. The initial installment of $3,500 retainer fee is paid at the selection of our Agency; $9,500 is paid at the selection of Gestational Carrier and the final installment of $4,500 is paid when the legal agreement is started. In the alternative, the amount may be paid in two installments of $13,000 and then the final payment of $4,500 when we begin the legal agreement. In the alternative, the full amount of $17,500 may be paid at the selection of your Gestational Carrier if you have not retained our Agency and want to move forward quickly. The international fee structure is the same as listed in this paragraph. For each new Gestational Carrier situation, regardless of the reason, will be an additional $3,000 provided the original or replacement GC has had at least one embryo transfer. If there is a pregnancy loss at 24 weeks or later a replacement Gestational Carrier is provided for a reduced fee of $6,000. At no time shall Intended Parents pay an additional full Agency fee until pregnancy and delivery of a live child are achieved. For future siblings projects, the Agency fee shall be determined by the current fee at the time of matching minus 10%, provided your first journey was with our Agency.

Legal Fees:

$3,750 to $4,500 – payable prior to the legal contract drafting. This is paid to A Woman’s Gift to be disbursed to the specific attorney.

A. $3,000 for the attorney to draft the legal agreement between you and your Gestational Carrier and $750 to $1,500 payable to the legal counsel for the Gestational Carrier. In some cases reviewing attorneys may not agree to a flat fee service so fees may be slightly higher.

B. Additional Legal fees will be necessary if a pre-birth order is obtained since legal counsel will be required to do this process. Fees can only be approximated at $3,000 but could be more depending on your jurisdiction and as much as $5,000. Legal referrals will be provided in the early second trimester.

C. Any other legal services apart from those listed above, such as the preparation of wills or other estate planning documents will be on a case by case basis and managed financially with the attorney directly. No escrow will be held for these special services.

Gestational Carrier Compensation / Other fees:
$30,000 to $35,000 base compensation per request of Gestational Carrier; those women who have been a previous Gestational Carrier may request a higher fee than $35,000. Gestational Carriers without health insurance will need their health insurance paid for by the Intended Parent/s. The complete base compensation, C/S fee, (usually $2,500-$5,000), Multiples – twins / triplets (usually $2,500 to $5,000 per baby), Transfer fee (usually $500-$750), Invasive procedure fee (usually $500-$750) and maternity allowance (usually $500-750) is placed in escrow at the start of medication. No injectable medication is started until full escrow is in place. These complete fees could be $36,500 to $41,500 or higher depending on your particular Gestational Carrier.
Insurance costs for those Gestational Carrier’s w/out insurance / Life insurance.

Insurance payments for Gestational Carriers that do not have their own insurance vary from $6,000 to $8,000 per year. This is based on the State where the Gestational Carrier resides. Paid in addition to escrow at a confirmed heartbeat. No insurance can be placed without full payment for 10 months of insurance. Determination of health insurance placement is on a case by case basis and should be discussed with the Agency director for your specific case.

Life insurance is provided for all Gestational Carriers for the duration of the surrogacy arrangement. Costs vary from $450 per year to $975 per year (the higher end is inclusive of loss of organs policy).

Escrow (1st installment)

For most local surrogacy cases (meaning your Gestational Carrier lives in the vicinity of your IVF clinic) $6,000 will suffice until mid-pregnancy or later and in most cases has sufficed for the entire pregnancy. For Gestational Carrier’s that do not live in the vicinity of your IVF clinic $8,000 will suffice until mid-pregnancy or later and in most cases has sufficed for the entire pregnancy. Variables that may affect this placement are repeat transfers to obtain a pregnancy, excessive travel required by your IVF clinic, and bed rest for Gestational Carrier. Once escrow is under $1,000 Agency will notify Intended parents for additional placement (if necessary).

Home Study

In the event that you would like someone to visit the home of the Gestational Carrier, this can be arranged in most geographical areas. Fee structure can vary from $500 to $1,500. Intended Parents would approve fee before scheduling. In our opinion, the best home study is a visit by the Intended Parents to the Gestational carrier’s home.

Psychological Screening:

$400 to $750 depending on the specific psychological provider. Paid from escrow. $6,000 / $8,000 escrow is placed at the selection of your Gestational Carrier.



Medical Screening:

$1,500 to $3,000. This cost will be dependent on your IVF facility. Includes criminal background check, drug, and nicotine screening as well as infectious disease testing. Paid from escrow. $6,000 / $8,000 escrow is placed at the selection of your Gestational Carrier. If the screening is done at your IVF clinic directly and not outsourced then you will pay these fees directly. Escrow is utilized for outsourced services; payment to or on behalf of the Gestational Carrier but not directly to your IVF clinic.

Medication for Gestational Carrier:

Costs vary from $600 to $1,200. Paid directly by Intended Parent/s to their specific pharmacy. This cost is based on what your particular IVF clinic requires and is not determined by the Agency.

Hotel stay for Non-local Gestational Carrier:

Usually, $150 to $200 per night and is depending on your clinic’s requirements based on how many days they wish Gestational Carrier to stay local. Paid from escrow. $6,000 / $8,000 escrow is placed at the selection of your Gestational Carrier.

Travel expenses for Non-local Gestational Carrier:

$200 to $600 (dependent on cities for travel). Gestational Carriers are required to bring a companion for the embryo transfer process. Paid from escrow. $6,000 / $8,000 escrow is placed at the selection of your Gestational Carrier.

Daily Allowance for Gestational Carrier:

$50 per day non-accountable per diem allowance for the Gestational Carrier. There is also a non-accountable per diem allowance for the carrier’s companion, if applicable, at $50 per day. Companion per diem dependent on city for travel (if food costs are higher). Paid from escrow. $6,000 / $8,000 escrow is placed at the selection of your Gestational Carrier.

Child care for Gestational Carrier’s children:

If Gestational Carrier is traveling and leaving her pre-school children she may need childcare expenses. This is negotiated at the signing of the contract and agreed upon by both parties. Paid from escrow. $6,000 / $8,000 escrow is placed at the selection of your Gestational Carrier.

Housekeeping expenses for Gestational Carrier:

If Gestational Carrier is on bed rest she may need housekeeping. This is negotiated at the signing of the contract and agreed upon by both parties. Paid from escrow. $6,000 / $8,000 escrow is placed at the selection of your Gestational Carrier.

Monthly allowance for Gestational Carrier

Some Gestational carrier arrangements will require a monthly allowance of anywhere between $100-$250 per month. This is negotiated at the signing of the contract and agreed upon by all parties. This is in lieu of itemizing childcare/mileage and may take care of co-pays up to $50. Each arrangement is specific to the request of your particular Gestational carrier. This is paid at the same time Gestational Carrier fees are placed and would be for 10 months of allowance.

Lost wages for Gestational Carrier / Gestational Carrier Spouse:

If Gestational Carrier needs time away from work for embryo transfer or is on bed rest she may need a stipend for the time missed from work. This is negotiated at the signing of the contract and agreed upon by both parties. Paid from escrow. $6,000 / $8,000 escrow is placed at the selection of your Gestational Carrier. Gestational Carrier’s spouse is limited to lost wages at no more than six (6) days / two (2) days if he is not required to attend pre-testing or transfer.

Other expenses / All-inclusive surrogacy arrangement – For some surrogacy cases, we are able to request that Gestational Carrier consider an all-inclusive fee arrangement.
To be discussed with the Agency director.

Legal Considerations

One of the requirements for participation in A Woman’s Gift’s carrier program is the execution of a legal agreement between the intended parent(s) and the gestational carrier and her spouse (if she is married). The purpose of this agreement is to acknowledge and legally document the mutual understanding among all participants for the protection of all involved. It is also a formal opportunity for the involved parties to discuss any issues or concerns pertaining to the transfer of the newborn infant from the carrier to the intended parents.

Once parent(s) and their carrier of choice have successfully completed the required screening process, A Woman’s Gift will arrange a meeting with knowledgeable attorneys to discuss the legalities and implications of the proposed agreements. It is essential that the intended parent(s) and the carrier (and her husband) be represented by separate attorneys. Each party has different legal interests, and separate dedicated counsel avoids any potential for a conflict of interest. The intended parent(s), however, will cover all legal costs and fees, including those incurred by the carrier. We supply the carrier with access to an experienced attorney to act as her legal counsel. Of course, she is free to use an attorney of her choice, provided proposed counsel possesses a basic understanding of third-party reproductive law and satisfactorily addresses the necessary and essential issues in the final legal agreement. A Woman’s Gift reserves the right to refuse any proposed agreement that does not meet these criteria to our satisfaction.

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